Ronald W. Bourget

Ronald Bourget has had the pleasure and privilege to practice law in Maine for over 33 years. Ron began as a trial lawyer in 1983 in a third generation family law practice. On the day he was sworn into the Maine bar he was arguing motions in open court. That same week he was selecting his first jury and within the new two months he was arguing a case before the state supreme court. Early on he was taught that two of the most important services that a trial lawyer can provide is knowledge of the law and care for the client. With that foundation, Ron Bourget has successfully handled nearly every type of criminal case, and obtained favorable not guilty verdicts on cases including murder, manslaughter, drug trafficking and possession, theft and all driving offenses.

In 1984, Ronald Bourget was selected to the CJA attorney panel to handle appointed complex criminal offenses in federal courts in Portland and Bangor, Maine. The CJA attorney panel is a group of qualified attorneys who are eligible for appointment by the court to represent indigent defendants. Ron has been active in Federal Court in Maine and at the 1st circuit court of appeals in Boston, Massachusetts. In Federal courts, Ronald Bourget has tried complex interstate drug conspiracy crimes, Federal firearm possession and sale cases, computer crimes, Medicare Fraud and government theft cases, among others. He has a documented knowledge of the United States Sentencing Guidelines and its application to criminal cases in Federal Court. Today, Ronald Bourget is often sought out by other lawyers regarding his legal opinion on federal criminal cases. If you are approached or charged by any federal official, (FBI, ATF, DEA, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, INS, etc.), or by any police agency, regarding potential federal criminal activity, do not talk to them. Instead, protect your rights and call Ronald Bourget.

Ronald Bourget also specializes in the area of divorce and family law. There is no area of the law where the client requires such particular counsel and advocacy. Ron has experience with all areas of family law from parental rights, parent child contact and child support to division of real estate, retirements, allocation of debt and spousal support. When faced with the decision to separate or divorce, you necessarily are experiencing a time of high emotions and confusion. You need experienced and grounded counsel that you can trust. Ron Bourget knows that knowledge of the law and care for the client is vital in these circumstances. Call us to discuss all of your options available to you under Maine law.
Ronald Bourget and his law offices also assist debtors in their filings of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Under federal law, we are a debt relief agency. We assist debtors in their bankruptcy filings.

Publicly cited cases:

State of Maine v. Shawn B. 612 A.2d. 847 (Me.1992), Concurrent causation in vehicular manslaughter case resulted in reversal of conviction.Adjudication of two juvenile drivers found guilty of manslaughter were vacated due to application of concurrent causation principle.

State of Maine v. Stratton, 591 A.2d 246 (Me.1991), Failure to prove operation in OUI case resulted in accomplice OUI jury instruction.

State of Maine v. McLean, 2002 ME 171, Improper jury selection by the court resulted in reversal of conviction for aggravated OUI with serious bodily injury.

John Doe v. Robert Williams, 2013 ME 24,Challenge to Maine Sex Offender Notification Registry led to changes in the state sex offender registration statute.

State of Maine v. Colin G., 2015 ME 28, Maine Supreme Judicial Court did not accept defendant’s argument that mental condition of kleptomania was defense to burglary/theft case.

State of Maine v. Eric B., 2018 ME 38, Sex offense conviction overturned due to judicial and prosecutorial misconduct when judge and prosecutor discussed content of case in an ex parte conference without defense counsel present.

State of Maine v. Catherine B., 638 A.2d 725 (Me.1994), Vehicular manslaughter conviction overturned.

State of Maine v. Donald B., 541 A.2d 914 (Me.1988), Maine’s escape statute does not only apply to penal institutions but also to those found NGRI when they elope from mental institutions.

State of Maine v. John T., 540 A.2d 773 (Me. 1988), Rape conviction overturned based on double jeopardy. Sentence overturned.

United States v. Lombard, 102 F.3d 1 (1st.Cir. 1996), Court failed to set guideline range under United States Sentencing Guidelines for relevant acquitted conduct and so sentence had to be overturned by First Circuit Court of Appeals. Defendant found not guilty of double homicide could have his acquitted conduct used to enhance his federal firearm charge.Error by trial judge resulted in sentence be overturned.

Excessive sentences overturned by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court- State of Maine v. Marlon C., 646 A.2d 358 (Me.1994); State of Maine v. Henry F., 645 A.2d 1128 (Me. 1994).

State of Maine v. Michael P., 623 A.2d 166 (Me. 1993), Restitution order vacated as court failed to inquire into the defendant’s ability to pay.

Civil litigation:

In re: Ballot Dispute in Election of Town of Winslow Dist. 3 Town Counselor, 2018 ME 2, Maine Law Court held ballot invalid allowing Bourget Office’s client to win local election.

Petruccelli v. Webber, 1998 Me. Super. LEXIS 102, Party in interest represented by Bourget Law Offices had an attachment on defendant’s property which took priority over subsequently filed mortgages in foreclosure and sale of real estate.

Rocque v. Town of China, 2003 Me. Super. LEXIS 269, Ability to build on shoreland zoning protected area when town map designates area as unprotected.

Maine Human Rights Commission v Le Club Calumet, 1991 Me. Super. LEXIS 160, Local Franco-American men’s club was determined to be a private club and not subject to public accommodation under Maine Human Right s Act.