Considering Filing For Bankruptcy in Portland, Bangor or Augusta, ME?

Get Advice From a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Debt collectors can make your life a waking nightmare. They can hound you at home, at work and by mail. We can work with you to end the distraction. Contact the Law Offices Of Ronald W. Bourget in Augusta or Portland, ME to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer about your debt relief options. As a debt relief agency, our firm handles chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

Get Debt Relief Without Giving Up All You've Worked For

Get Debt Relief Without Giving Up All You've Worked For

Declaring bankruptcy doesn't mean losing everything. By working with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, you can protect certain valuable assets. We have the legal knowledge to help you reorganize your finances so you can retain equity in your:

  • Home
  • Pension
  • Vehicles

The sooner you start working with our attorney on your bankruptcy, the better off you'll be. We offer debt relief assistance through our Portland and Augusta, ME offices. Call 207-623-3731 now to schedule an appointment with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.