Do You Need A DUI Lawyer In Augusta, ME?

An OUI Lawyer Will Work to Keep Your Record Clean

The government bears a heavy burden in Criminal OUI cases. Breath and blood testing is not always accurate or reliable. Police officers' subjective beliefs that you are impaired by alcohol are oftentimes not supported by the evidence, and not corroborated with properly administered field sobriety testing. Our attorneys are some of the best in the State at defending and winning OUI cases.

Being charged with OUI also means you may have to deal with the sometimes confusing process of being hit with an administrative license suspension form the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. How do you go about getting your license back? How long could you be suspended? Can you continue to drive to work? Our attorneys can help you through this process and, oftentimes, are able to avoid the administrative license suspension altogether.

Hire an OUI Lawyer With a History of Success

Hire an OUI Lawyer With a History of Success

With many things in life, time is of the essence. Getting the best lawyer on board as soon as possible is crucial, especially in an OUI case. As an example, video evidence of your interaction with law enforcement is sometimes not preserved if not requested by an attorney. It is often the best evidence that can help reveal police mistakes or, even more importantly, that you weren't impaired at the time of driving.

If you have been charged anywhere in Maine with OUI, whether that charge is based on a breath alcohol test, blood test, or urinalysis for drugs, call us immediately so that we can make sure potential exculpatory evidence is not inadvertently destroyed.